Jems Loves MILFs: Yinka Animashaun on Deep Love and Sex Hitting Different

Jems Loves MILFs is a series in which we ask moms of all kinds what gives them life. From art moms to aunties, grandmothers to Godmothers, single moms, queer moms, pet moms, and the mother within—Jems honours mothering as an energy and a force, as a mode of service and protection, as labor (hard work!), creativity, love and dedication, and as a very sexy thing.


First and foremost a hot girl, Yinka Animashaun is an entrepreneur, new mother, and proud Texan. Here, Yinka tells Jems about her baby’s dislike of her phone and sex after birth.

Tell us about the last time your baby made you laugh.

"He has an aversion to me using my phone. He loves to hold and toy with it but as soon as I lift it up his smile disappears. My midwife says it’s because early on your phone blocks their view of your face which is SO FUCKING HEARTWARMING but anyway, this morning he was playing with a toy and cracking up so I pulled out my phone to record and his face went into a mean mug instantly so I put it down but he kept mugging me so I put it behind me and then he smirked at me like “exactly." I couldn’t stop giggling."

What’s something you do just for yourself?

"As soon as we put August to bed I spend an hour doing something alone and have a snack I’ve been saving. It’s important that the snack is very unhealthy and that I’m in whatever room, alone."

How did your feelings of love and intimacy shift after becoming a mother?

"It’s cliche but I didn’t realize how much love I could feel for someone. It’s already deeper than the love I have for my parents, my sister, my man… and I’ve only known this person for 8 months. As far as platonic intimacy, I definitely value all the relationships I have more and make more of an effort letting the people I love know that I love them. When it comes to sex… It’s hitting different and I was honestly so worried about that. A lot of people make it seem like you become asexual after giving birth and that isn’t the case for me. I’m even more attracted to my husband, now."

“When it comes to sex… It’s hitting different.” 

What do you wish for moms around the world?

"I wish moms around the world would prioritize themselves. Do what makes you happy because a happy you is a wonderful mother."

How do you feel about being celebrated as a MILF x

"I love it! I love motherhood! I think this is very necessary. Historically once women get married and or have children it’s like they’re banished to the shadows and can only be one/two dimensional and that’s not true at all. I am a mother and a hot girl directly after that."