Jems is a CONDOM taking on a toxic industry

Jems was built on the desire to create something for everyone, normalize sex and condom use, and disrupt a toxic industry. We believe we can make sex safer for all.

Jems condoms are made of natural latex, 100% silicone lube and nothing more. Jems keeps it simple, unlike some condom brands which, in an attempt to seduce, use unnecessary (and often unlisted) toxic ingredients.

Jems are ultra-thin, keeping you closer to your partner, without compromising what condoms are made for: your safety and protection. Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, Jems is a condom made with intention.

Jems is a platform for (S)EXPANSIVE education

When Jems talks about sex, we’re talking everything that relates to it – from how to actually make decisions, like who is worthy of your body, to mood, money, love, power, and the mystery of chemistry. Recognizing that knowledge is collective and that no amount of study can replace experience, Jems connects you with the voices you want to hear and with the tools to do you.

The Jems constellation represents our commitment to connection. Whether we are connecting ideas or people – with our bodies or with the stars – Jems is here to help you navigate the relationships in your life.


Giving back is essential to Jems. We donate 5% of profits to organizations we believe are doing great things. If you have an organization or not-for-profit to nominate for a monetary or product donation please email us at

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