Jems is a staple of SAFER SEX

Hi, we’re Jems—a condom and platform for sex education designed to challenge a toxic industry and outdated notions around sex and sexuality. By embracing a multiplicity of gender and sexual expressions, we believe we can make sex safer for all.


Focusing on clarity and simplicity, Jems uses only what’s essential:

Jems Condoms HeartNatural Latex
Jems Condoms Wet100% Silicone Lube
Jems Condoms StarNothing More

*Jems condoms are made of simple ingredients. Unlike some other condom brands, Jems are free of potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, paraffins, talc, benzocaine, nonoxynol-9, glycerine, cetyl alcohol, and spermicide.


In celebration of Sexual Health Month, Jems has partnered with SIECUS to launch our Use a Condom campaign. With STIs at an all-time high and sex ed programs falling short across the country, this is the time to destigmatize condom use and talk openly about protection and safer sex practices. Everything you need to know here.

(S)EXPANSIVE Education

From our 101s on STIs and contraception to expansive (and uncut) tales offering experience-based knowledge, Jems is giving the real sex ed.

101: STI Disclosure

Editor's note: We recognize that personal safety should always be prioritized over disclosure—and that the act of disclosure puts some folks at risk, regardless of any precautions they've taken.---Openly discussing sexual...

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