Jems Loves MILFs: Cecilia Gentili on Defending the Matriarchy

Jems Loves MILFs is a series in which we ask moms of all kinds what gives them life. From art moms to aunties, grandmothers to Godmothers, disabled moms, single moms, queer moms, pet moms, and the mother within—Jems honours mothering as an energy and a force, as a mode of service and protection, as labor (hard work!), and as a very sexy thing.

Radiating maternal instinct, warmth and bite, Cecilia Gentili is the mother of Trans Equity Consulting and the founder of COIN (Cecilia's Occupational Inclusion Network), a free healthcare program for sex workers in New York City. She is a beloved community leader, activist and actor, playing Miss Orlando on Pose. Here, Cecilia tells Jems about her village of femmes. 

Thank you to greer x, Associate @ Trans Equity Consulting, for facilitating and leading this conversation.


If it takes a village to raise a child, who's in your village and how would you like to see this village grow?

"I am such a matriarch and defender of the idea of a matriarchy. In my life, all of the powerful figures were always women. That’s why I grew up to be this amazing human being. In my village there are a whole bunch of femmes who have the same maternal instincts that I have. It’s also a space for some masculine people like my partner who can do the things that I need him to do to help my children."

"In my life, all of the powerful figures were always women."

In what ways do you feel sexier or more empowered by your body since becoming a mom?

"My motherhood did not involve any physical changes because I'm a mom of children who choose me, I don't bring them to this world. Or maybe I do somehow. Maybe I bring them in another way to this world, but it doesn't involve a physical process. My relationship with my body continues to be beautiful and conflicted as fuck. I love it and I dislike it. As a trans woman, I believe I made so many changes to my body that were part of the pressure of being a woman, being a sex worker, and having to look like something specific. Nowadays, it’s not that I dislike it, but I don’t know if I would do those things again."

What is your proudest mom moment so far?

"One of my children is fashion designer Gogo Graham. The day she had her first fashion show was the proudest moment for me as a mom. Seeing my baby shining out there and seeing people admiring the clothes she designs and having her grow as an artist makes me incredibly proud. I don't want to have issues with any of my other children, they all make me proud, but this is the memory that I cannot forget."

How do you feel about being celebrated as a MILF?

"A MILF is…"

A Mom I’d Like to Fuck. 

"I am all for being a mom I’d like to fuck. As long as I do the fucking."