Jems Loves DILFs: Dog Dad Sean Viola on Putting Your Phone Down

Jems Loves DILFs is a series in which we ask dads of all kinds what gives them life. 

Here, dog daddy Sean Viola of Tri-State Modern tells us about his new baby Pixie. 


Tell us about the last time your baby made you laugh (or cry) (or both!).

"The last time Pixie brought me to hysterical laughter was when I came home from work and she hadn’t seen me in hours for the first time. She got so excited upon my arrival that she peed a little bit on my shoes. To immediately feel loved, companionship and pee is a hurricane of feel-good emotions I never thought I would feel."

How has being a parent changed your relationship to your own inner child or sense of play?

"Being a proud parent of a newborn puppy has made me take a step back in some ways to certain adult responsibilities and embrace my inner child. Sometimes we forget it’s okay to put down our iPhones and laptops for an hour or two. It’s okay to take a walk outside and explore a new area in the city, eat in a sunny park, or simply just lay in bed using your mind to let your imagination run wild. Puppies don’t own any iPhones and they seem much better off."

“Puppies don’t own any iPhones and they seem much better off.”

How is being a parent evolving other relationships in your life?

"It’s helped me see life through a completely different lens. I can truly relate to my friends and even complete strangers who are parents of their own. Seeing the pure unconditional love dog owners have for their dogs is something I used to look past at  times. I’m also now a regular at my local dog park with Pixie, meeting and socializing new friends and dogs almost daily."

How do you feel about being celebrated as a DILF 

"Ultimately it makes me feel a bit old and very much fuckable. But really, the spotlight should be on Pixie. My life has overall been enhanced by having her around. She has brought nothing but smiles and even a little bit of drool to my face."