Why Use A Condom?

At Jems, we’re on a mission to normalize sex and naturalize condom use.

With STIs at an all-time high, sex ed programs falling short across the country, Roe v. Wade’s recent overturning, and bodily autonomy, consent and self-care on everyone’s mind, this is the time to destigmatize — even better, celebrate — condom use and open up conversations around safer sex.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to Use A Condom.

In celebration of Sexual Health Month, Jems has partnered with SIECUS to support their mission of advancing sex ed for social change through a $5K donation and the launch of our Use A Condom campaign. For every share of the campaign video, we’ll donate a box of Jems to SIECUS to help get protection in the hands of those who need it.

How to Get Involved

1. Spread the word by sharing our campaign video. SIECUS gets a box of condoms for every share.

2. Check out the great work SIECUS is doing, advancing sex ed for social change.

3. Look out for the Jems community, bringing sex ed + our safer sex message to social channels. Follow, like and share.

4. Buy a T-shirt and tell the world you’re part of the safer sex conversation.

5. Join the Jems revolution and #UseACondom!

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