How To Use A Condom


Ensure that both parties have expressed enthusiastic consent. CHECK the expiry date on the condom wrapper. If it’s not expired, UNWRAP the condom from its wrapper. ORIENT the condom right side up; the rim should be on the outside. It will look like a little hat and it should roll easily—but don’t roll it all the way yet! Use one condom per phallus at a time. DON’T layer condoms.


PINCH the tip of the condom and PLACE it on the head of the erect phallus, that could be your (or your partner’s) penis/cock/dick, clit or dildo. If desired, add a few drops of a water-based or silicone lube inside the condom for greater pleasure & comfort. NEVER use oil-based lubes (Vaseline, lotion, coconut oil) as they can break down a latex condom.


Keep holding the tip of the condom – leaving space at the top of the condom – as you ROLL it down the shaft of the penis/cock/dick, clit or dildo (the space at the top collects semen/cum/ejaculate). Once the condom is on, you can add more lube to the outside to make it extra WET & GUSHY.


Condoms can be used during oral, anal or vaginal sex. Use a new condom if you switch from one kind of sex to another, especially anal to vaginal sex (unwanted bacteria can transfer, causing infections), or if your condom breaks. Never reuse condoms. If the condom-wearer loses their erection (it happens!), simply use a new condom when you start again.


Once/if the condom-wearer has CUM (ejaculated), hold the rim of the condom at the base of the shaft so the condom stays on as the condom-wearer pulls their penis/cock/dick, clit or dildo out of their partner’s body. Carefully remove the condom without spilling what’s inside it. To dispose of the condom, put it in the trash. Don’t flush it down the toilet. Condoms clog pipes.


At this point, you may or may not be done having sex. If you want to KEEP GOING, put a new condom on after every ejaculation into a condom. In the case of threesomes and group sex, use a new condom whenever the condom-wearer switches partners. When in doubt, watch YouTube ;).