• F#cking Old Candy Box
  • F#cking Old Candy Box
  • F#cking Old Candy Box
  • F#cking Old Candy Box
  • F#cking Old Candy Box
  • F#cking Old Candy Box
  • F#cking Old Candy Box

F#cking Old Candy Box

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1 x Candy Box, 1x Condom 3 Pack 

Though they're a part of sex, STIs aren't very sweet, and transmission rates within senior communities are higher than ever!
That’s why we made this one-of-a-kind candy box. It’s filled with hard candies with messages printed inside the wrapper designed to start a hard conversation around safer sex. The box  has a hidden compartment filled with Jems condoms so your grandparents can wrap it up after unwrapping some delicious candies.

Order your box today and let the sexually active seniors in your life know that if they’re f#cking old, they should make sure they’re f#cking safer.

All proceeds of these hard candies will be donated to Action Canada. Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights is a progressive, pro-choice charitable organization committed to advancing and upholding sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and globally.

Learn more about the campaign!

Condom details
  • Ultra-thin (0.055 mm)
  • One standard size (180mm in length before stretching, and 53mm wide before stretch)
  • Reservoir tip.
  1. Natural Latex
  2. 100% Silicone Lube
  3. Nothing More

Free of potentially harmful ingredients including parabens, paraffins, talc, benzocaine, nonoynol-9, glycerine, cetyl alcohol, and spermicide.

Good to know

Protecting against unwanted pregnancy and STD/STI transmission, as well as the exchange of irritating bacteria, Jems condoms are natural latex barriers fitted to wrap around an erect penis or a phallus such as a dildo.

Always store latex condoms at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Never use an expired condom. Be wary of condoms that may have sustained damage.